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Showing posts from November 20, 2018

Monday and Tuesday, November 19th and 20th

A good afternoon to you all!  What an eventful last few days we have had. Otto is doing well being home. Home is definitely the best medicine!!  We are currently at Clinic. Numbers looked ok and we are just waiting for some platelets to arrive so we can get a transfusion.

Sunday evening, we gathered at Julio’s in Southbury, where our friends, the Springers, along with their staff, served the finest food to an amazing group of people. The Springers, alongside the Nagys, Lowells, Mahoneys, Velkys and Macioleks, spearheaded the Otto Strong fundraiser on behalf of our baseball family. A special thank you to them as well as the other members of our baseball family who helped with this event. It was beautifully put together and ran so smoothly!

That evening was one filled with love and positive light. We couldn’t believe how many people were able to attend. We also caught wind that there were many others who wanted to be there, but could not due to the event being sold out. No matter if you…