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Tuesday, September 18th

This long journey we’ve been on has had so many twists and turns, surprises and shockers along the way. Today we have hit a bump, but it’s one we will get over.

Otto found out that his leukemia has returned. Within his body, there have been some sleeper cells that have awaken. These cells have been rapidly dividing now leaving pockets under his skin.  Although this doesn’t change the meds involved his his next round of chemo, it does change the plan. Now he needs a bone marrow transplant.  More of the plan will be discussed as we move forward. Otto will be heading to Yale tomorrow to be admitted as well as have a bone marrow biopsy/lumbar puncture. The following day will be the start of Round 4.

On a positive note, we also had testing that determined his lung infection has cleared up. When bad news appears, it’s soon followed by something good. It’s all about the balance.

It’s upsetting to know that the cancer has returned, but we know we are going to get through this.
As always, tha…