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Wednesday and Thursday, October 17th and 18th

Hi all,

  We hope everyone is doing well.  Otto continues to be inpatient here at Yale.  His ANC today was 600, which is a sign that things are starting to get a tad better.  His fevers continue as well, however, improving in regards to frequency.

  Today we want to share some news that we learned about a few days ago.  Otto went in for another CT scan to look at the fungal mass on his liver.  Instead of seeing one mass, it showed that there were two others as well.  When the team reviewed the scan prior to this, they noticed the two additional areas that were starting to grow.  All three masses have doubled in size.  One of these growths is growing around the main vein that supplies the liver with blood.  It is also causing the vein to be inflammed at times.  Due to this new piece of news, the surgical team can no longer operate.  It would be unsafe for the team to operate on Otto.  The point of surgery would be to remove all fungus, and they won't be able to do that now.  So now…