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Showing posts from July 5, 2018

Thursday, July 5th

What a fun evening of fireworks and light shows!  We were all able to walk out to the Healing Garden to see those beautiful shades of color pop into the air.  It was a great knowing that we weren't missing out on something we have been doing on a yearly basis.  The garden sits towards East Rock Park.  So were were able to watch the New Haven fireworks show.  Although we were missing one of the members of our troop (Tess was with friends), it was nice to be together. 

From a medical standpoint, Otto continues to wait for the ANC counts to go up.  Once those numbers start climbing, then we will know that his immune system is starting to rebuild itself.  Yesterday there was question of whether his temp was getting a little higher than desired.  Thankfully, it continues to border just below the point where more tests would have to be conducted.  Hoping that prayer and positivity will keep him there. 

Other than that, we are walking, talking, laughing, building, reading, etc.  You name…