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Saturday, September 1st

We have been told before that at some point in time, Otto would develop a fever and would need to be back at the hospital. Last night, after a visit with friends, we took Otto back to Yale due to a high fever. The birthday boy had to go to the Emergency Room and was later admitted to Floor 7.

So here’s the scoop. Otto has develop a bacterial infection. Test results are leaning towards an infection that is a result of every day bacteria that forms on our bodies. Due to his low ANC level, it turned into an infection his body cannot fight alone. So he’s on some antibiotics until his fever and bacterial infection is gone. He also needs to wait for his ANC level to rise before he’s allowed to go home again.

Although this is a frustrating bump in the road, we are trying to view it as just that. The good thing is out of all the bacterial infections you can get, this is the one you want.

So, no worries. But prayers are very welcome!

Mark, Leigh, Otto, Tess and Lulu