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Showing posts from November 29, 2018

Wednesday and Thursday, November 28th and 29th

Otto has been fighting hard these last two days.  However, we are pleased to say that last night was a great one for him.  Otto was able to sleep pretty well with little coughing and no visible signs of bleeding from the lungs.  He is still dealing with the cutis spot that has been growing in his mouth, but can take meds in order to prevent it from bleeding. 

Today was a great day.  Otto woke up, ready to go around 7am.  He wanted to take a shower, which he did, followed by taking a walk.  We all went out to the Healing Garden where we found it to be a little too windy.  Otto was convinced that he needed to go back in and quick!

Our wonderful friend from Child Life at Yale stopped by with a special gift for our family.  She brought us a  6ft Christmas tree (artificial, of course).  We brought ornaments from home and had a decorating party.  Otto was really happy that we could all be together sprucing up the tree and playing Daddy's new favorite game, What's your Favorite?