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Wednesday, October 31st

Happy Halloween!!!

And a Happy Make A Wish Day!!!

  Before we mention everything that happened today, we need to say thank you to an amazing crew. Patti and Dawn are our wish granters who took so much of their time to put this event together. Cheryl, head of the Make a Wish CT chapter, was instrumental in helping to put things in place. And who could forget the Make A Wish MA chapter, also helping to put things in place. And last, but not least, our amazing friends and family who came out this morning at 5:30am to welcome us, make us extra excited, and send us off in style. Without the love and support of our community, we would be no where. So much love to all of you who came out today!  It was remarkable!

  Our day started at the crack of dawn. We got up, suited up in our Sox gear, and were out those doors heading to the elevators.  We cannot even fully describe the love and support standing outside the doors of the Children’s Hospital. Before the doors even opened, all you could hear were people shouting, chanting Otto’s name. It was a gathering of doctors, nurses, coaches, students, coworkers, friends, and neighbors.  This group of people made us feel so loved!  Again, thank you to you all who came to send us off.

   So, you ask for an RV to take to Boston for the Champions Parade?  Make A Wish makes it happen!  We were so lucky to ride along the highway in a 2018, too if the line, RV home. Dawn, Patti and Cheryl hooked us up with food, drinks, games, movies, etc. What a treat!

  When we got to the parade, we were able to park the RV in the government section of downtown Boston. We were able to meet up with friends and proceed to the CIP section along the parade route. We had to wait a little, for they started at Fenway. The Drop Kick Murphys started off the line and duckboats followed. Confetti flew through the air as we cheered on our favorite team!  It was a fantastic visit. 
  After the parade, we decided to head out to Winchester to visit with our friends. It was great seeing them  all and we wished we could stay longer. We then decided to head to our home in Southbury. We were able to see family and neighbors. Otto was able to cuddle with our dog, too!  This is something he has longed to do for weeks. 

  Finally it was off to Yale to check back in. It was a wonderful day of fun and excitement. Again, we are so incredibly grateful to Patti, Dawn, Cheryl and all the Make a Wish employees who helped make a once in a lifetime dream come true. Otto loved every minute of it!

Sending you all so much love,

Mark, Leigh, Otto, Tess and Lulu


  1. I'm SOOO happy Otto was able to get a Red Sox Make-A-Wish this year and had a great time!!! You all will always have found memories of his Wish Day.

    -Katie (Make-A-Wish Wish Kid and Wish Granter)

  2. We’ve been following you every step of the way! So very excited that your wish was granted!
    Stay OttoStrong!!!
    Joan & Ken Benson


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